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I launched my first website on September 5, 2005 for a musician that I have always admired, Peter Beckett. The website began as an homage to Peter and his career as a singer, songwriter, producer, and musician. It quickly developed into the Official Peter Beckett website and became a promotional tool for Peter Beckett and his band Player, who had the #1 hit, "Baby Come Back" in the late 1970's. Beckett and Player fans access the website in order to keep up to date on all things related to Peter and the band, including upcoming tours. Fans can also buy Player and Beckett CDs, and other merchandise through the site. I optimized the site to be at the top of Google and Yahoo from core search keywords and have subsequently seen sales increase by 80%.

Before the PeterBeckett-Player Website:

Prior to Beckett's web presence, I generated interest and buzz by printing fliers and business cards to distribute at music expos. Communication with fans and people in the music industry was accomplished using emails, forums, and blogs. A website was quickly becoming a necessary part of the communication strategy, but I needed something simple to use. I read an article in a magazine about Websiteworks written by a housewife on how easy it was to use. 

After the launch:

I took a pro-active approach to generating interest in the Official Peter Beckett
website by exchanging links with other music websites and continuing to email people in the music industry. I  also advertised on Myspace
, Facebook, and other sites related to the music industry. Also in order to market Peter's website, I post on forums and blogs where I can inform people about it and reach out to his fans following.

When PeterBeckett-Player.com first launched, it was very hard to find information about Peter Beckett on the web. Now fans have a dedicated site to go to for information. I receive emails from people all over the world who want to work with him, interview him, hire him to perform, and fans that still admire Peter as I do. I now receive sales from search engines, people looking for rare out-of print CD's of Peter's and new and old merchandise. I believe that business has increased 80%. I attribute the increase to better advertising all over the internet and the fact that people recognize Peter's amazing talent. Great natural search ranking on search engines also helps to send traffic to the website. I has achieved this by adding a lot of fresh and original content on the website and making sure the website has many links pointing to it.

One of the most important features of the website is the 'Contact' page. Anyone can email me and every email is answered. I also enjoy the promotional tools that are included in the website. I love the fact that I can run contests and gather a mailing list for future news and stay in contact with the customers.

Since then I have also designed many other websites, and feel the need to help others promote their business, event, or cause.

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